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   1. Even though political editorializing was not _____ under the new regime, journalists still experienced _____, though perceptible , governmental pressure to limit dissent.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A commended D clear

  B encouraged E discreet

  C forbidden F overt

   2. A number of writers who once greatly _____ the literary critic have recently recanted, substituting _____ for their former criticism.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A disparaged D approbation

  B lauded E ambivalence

  C influenced F censure

  3. The actual _____ of Wilson’s position was always _____ by his refusal to compromise after having initially agreed to negotiate a settlement.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A cowardice D betrayed

  B rigidity E foreshadowed

  C uncertainty F alleviated

  4. Salazar’s presence in the group was so _____ the others that they lost most of their earlier _____; failure, for them, became all but unthinkable.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A mundane D practicable

  B visionary E appealing

  C eclectic F ignored

  5. Although the architects concept at first sounded too _____ to be_____, his careful analysis of every aspect of the project convinced the panel that the proposed building was indeed, structurally feasible.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A unnoticed by D confidence

  B reassuring to E exhilaration

  C unexpected by F trepidation

  6. He was regarded by his followers, as something of _____, not only because of his insistence on strict discipline, but also because of his _____ adherence to formal details.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A an acolyte D reluctant

  B a martinet E sporadic

  C a tyrant F rigid

  7. Unlike philosophers who constructed theoretically ideal states, she built a theory based on _____; thus, although her constructs may have been inelegant, they were _____ sound.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A genre D deviation

  B feature E rigidity

  C achievement F grandiloquence

  8. Although _____ is usually thought to spring from regret for having done something wrong, it may be that its origin is the realization that one’s own nature is irremediably _____.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A remorse D innocent

  B skepticism E frivolous

  C certitude F flawed

  9. The valedictory address, as it has developed in American colleges and universities over the years, has become a very strict form, a literary _____ that permits very little _____.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A experience D scientifically

  B conjecture E empirically

  C surmise F aesthetically

  10. If efficacious new medicines have side effects that are commonly observed and _____, such medicines are too often considered _____, even when laboratory tests suggest caution.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A salutary D outdated

  B unpredictable E safe

  C unremarkable F experimental


  11. The transition from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic era is viewed by most art historians as a _____, because, instead of an increasingly _____ pictorial art, we find degeneration.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A unrealistic D acclaim

  B charitable E turmoil

  C welcomed F encouragement

  12. He felt it would be _____, in view of the intense _____ that would likely follow, to make the sacrifice required in order to gain such little advantage.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A regression D debased

  B consolidation E aberrant

  C calamity F sophisticated

  13. Before adapting to changes in values, many prefer to _____, to _____ the universally agreed-on principles that have been upheld for centuries.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A vacillate D publicize

  B resist E subvert

  C innovate F defend

  14. The new _____ of knowledge has created _____ people: everyone believes that his or her subject cannot and possibly should not be understood by others.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A promulgation D barriers between

  B redundancy E complacency in

  C specialization F associations among

  15. If a species of parasite is to survive, the host organisms must live long enough for the parasite to ______ ; if the host species becomes______, so do its parasites.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A reproduce D extinct

  B atrophy E widespread

  C succumb F infertile

  16. Some activists believe that because the health-care system has become increasingly______ to those it serves, individuals must ______ bureaucratic impediments in order to develop and promote new therapies.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A unresponsive D forsake

  B sensitized E supplement

  C attuned F circumvent

  17. Belying his earlier reputation for ______ as a negotiator, Morgan had recently assumed a more ______ stance for which many of his erstwhile critics praised him.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A dedicated D routine

  B ambitious E superior

  C experienced F advantageous

  18. Personnel experts say that attractive benefits alone will not always keep ______ executives from changing jobs for better long-range opportunities, but they think the enticements may deter many executives from accepting ______ offers from other companies.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A atrocities D viciousness

  B inventions E ill-will

  C triumphs F development

  19. The most technologically advanced societies have been responsible for the greatest ______; indeed, savagery seems to be in direct proportion to ______.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A incompetence D conciliatory

  B success E combative

  C intransigence F authoritative

  20. The blueprints for the new automobile were ______ at first glance, but the designer had been basically too conservative to ______ previous standards of beauty.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A impeccable D incorporate

  B striking E flout

  C impractical F assess


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