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GRE作文范文 Issue-20

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摘要:GRE作文范文 Issue-20 In this age of intensive media coverage, it is no longer possible for a society to regard any woman or man as a hero. 嘉文博译Sample Essay Media coverage of just about every person and every topic of any interes

GRE作文范文 Issue-20
"In this age of intensive media coverage, it is no longer possible for a society to regard any woman or man as a hero."
嘉文博译Sample Essay
Media coverage of just about every person and every topic of any interest anywhere in the world has certainly increased over the past few years. As the number of possible ways to broadcast that media coverage continues to increase, it seems likely that the phenomenon of exhaustive media coverage will only intensify further. However, as the saying goes, anything is possible, and that certainly pertains to whether or not a society can regard any man or woman as a hero in today's world. Despite the tendency of society in general and the media in particular to build up a person to hero status and then tear that person back down again, there are certainly people that society can look up to as heroes even today.
A few generations ago, media coverage was limited both in the overall information available and the methods of distribution of that information. Newspapers, radio and to a certain extent, television were the only forms of mass media available. Prior to the electronic age, only the written word, the arts and word of mouth could be used to disseminate information. Due to great distances and a much smaller population, it was much harder to find information then than it is now. People were able to keep a great many more things secret from the rest of the world in the past. There was also a tendency for people to be a little more discreet with what they did know, rather than selling the story to some national tabloid for money.
We now live in what has been termed "the information age" and that would seem to be entirely appropriate. Even if one considers only the Internet as a source of information, there is more information available now than the mind can even comprehend. As information becomes more and more digitalized, it becomes easier to access. People's entire written and recorded history could theoretically be obtained through one method or another (most of them likely illegal). No one is perfect. Many people make one or two mistakes that may involve the law when they are young. Someone intent on "digging up some dirt" can usually find even the most minor violations whether the person in question was underage or not. Because no one is perfect, and the intensity of media coverage tends to overemphasize even small mistakes, it becomes easy to understand then why one might be inclined to believe that there can be no more heroes 
But heroes are made and not born. The public, to a certain degree, has learned to ignore that which is irrelevant while focusing more on the heroic qualities of the man or woman who has shown courage in a particular situation. One recent example involves the hundreds of firefighters and policemen that perished while trying to save others in the World Trade Center attacks in New York. No one can question their bravery, and certainly no one can deny that each and every one, no matter what their background, is a hero. The passengers on the airplane that rushed the hijackers and caused the plane to crash short of its target, likely the White House in Washington, D.C., are also each and every one a hero. One could possibly look into each firefighter, policeman or civilian's background and find problems in the past but there is absolutely no denying them their hero status on that day.
The world today is eager to find heroes, which may explain the tendency to prematurely promote a person to hero status and then find out later that maybe they were not so heroic after all. Intensive media coverage may make it harder to remain a hero, but heroes are still around today as evidenced by the courageous events of many on September 11, 2001.
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