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  Laws are designedchiefly to ( protect public health)…

  It is a precariouslyshout leap from…to…then to…一步之遥

  Physical disobedience身体侵害

  Infliction ofproperty damage 财产受损

  Potential murder 可能的谋杀

  Legal right



  Criminal law can deal with murder, theft, adultery通奸,or the like; economical law providesa rule for economic activity and settles the dispute between both sides of thetrade; tax law makes sure that taxis handed in according to the tax standard.

  tax law

  Governments haveto Maintain tax rates at high levels in order to ensure adequate revenues forthe various programs in its budget.

  In a democraticsociety the chief function of laws is to strike a balance among competinginterests.


  Lawsand regulations are set up along with the entrenchment of a government servingas a means to control the country.


  人流 abortion , 死刑 execution,安乐死 euthanasia

  Individual with particularreligious beliefs tend to view laws allowing mothers an abortion choiceas unjust, while individuals with other value system might view such law asjust.


  One need look no further than theapplication of euthanasia. To deprive other's lives is widely recognized asillegal and criminal behavior; however, euthanasia is not crime butbenevolence. From time to time some patients are hopeless as their diseases arecureless at that time, they can not bear the afflictions of the disease anyfurther, and their families are also on the brink of collapse mentally andeconomically. Therefore, peaceful death is the most helpful choice both to thepatients and to their family. Under this circumstance, the doctors should helptheir poor patients with euthanasia, and these behaviors should never be judgedguilty.


  取决于 one’s personal value system, one’spersonal interest,

  The fairness of thelaw is subjective, depending largely on how one’s personal interests areaffected by it.

  We found ourselves on a slippery slope towards (走下坡路)sanctioning认可all typesof illegal behavior, including egregious criminal conduct.惊人的犯罪行为

  Because theinherent function o our laws is to balance competing interests, reasonable peoplewith different priorities will always disagree about the fairness of specificlaws.

  Facingunjust laws, every individual has the very responsibility to resist them.

  No matter that whether every individual could reach an agreement on unjust ornot, one point is important that we should put forward our opinions towardunjust laws.


  Sincelaws are built up under the power of government, which represents the publicinterest whereas run by a few individuals, it is quite possible that laws areconstituted in the name of representing the majority while on the contrary in afew individuals favor.

  解决方法,一个公司 lay off employees or shut down altogetheror increase the price of its products to compensate for the cost of compliance.弥补守法的损失

  at stake冒风险 Our children's education is at stake. 我们孩子的教育好坏无法预料


  People mustcontinually question the fairness and relevance关联ofcurrent laws, otherwise, our laws would not evolve to reflect changingsocietal values and to address new legal issues arising from our ever-evolvingtechnologies.


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