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摘要: 小伙伴们和GRE顺利分手了嘛,考试完小编可是看到了许多高分学员呢! 阅读部分 Passage 17 Early naturalists believed two species of beaver lived in North America: dam beavers and bank beavers. The bank species was thought to resemble the muskrat in behavior, living in burrows or lodges and unable to build dams. In fact, dams are primarily a strategy for dealing with annual variations in water levels. If water levels fall



  Passage 17

  Early naturalists believed two species of beaver lived in North America: dam beavers and bank beavers. The bank species was thought to resemble the muskrat in behavior, living in burrows or lodges and unable to build dams. In fact, dams are primarily a strategy for dealing with annual variations in water levels. If water levels fall in summer, as they do in most of North America, then beavers lodge entrances may be exposed. With stabilized water levels, their homes are much safer.


  Passage 52

  The physicist Wallace Sabine pioneered the scientific study of architectural acoustics when he was asked in 1895 to fix a university lecture hall in which the echo of a speaker’s words rendered them unintelligible. He found that the length of time it takes a sound’s echo to decay is determined by the absorption of the sound’s original energy by surrounding material.


  Passage 54

  The discovery of subsurface life on Earth, surviving independently from surface life, refuted the belief that biological processes require not only liquid water but sunlight as well, thus greatly enhancing the possibility of life beyond Earth. Take Jupiter’s moon Europa. Space probes show a body covered with a thick layer of ice. As Europa orbits its planet, however, it flexes due to the gravitational tug-of-war between it,its sister moons, and Jupiter.


  Passage 71

  The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1868,prohibits state governments from denying citizens the “equal protection of the laws.” Although precisely what the framers of the amendment meant by this equal protection clause remains unclear, all interpreters agree that the framers’ immediate objective was to provide a constitutional warrant for the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which guaranteed the citizenship of all persons born in the United States and subject to United States jurisdiction.


  Passage 116

  Feminist scholars have tended to regard women in the nineteenth-century United States who elected to remain single as champions of women’s autonomy and as critics of marriage as an oppressive institution. Indeed, many nineteenth-century American women who participated in reform movements or who distinguished themselves as writers and professionals were single. Yet this view of single women tends to distort the meaning of their choices.


  Passage 129

  A critical consensus has emerged that Mary McCarthy will be remembered primarily as an essayist rather than as a novelist. But despite her formidable gifts as a polemical and discursive writer, and for all her reputation as an intellectual who sacrificed feeling to intelligence, what powers McCarthy’s best essays are her fictional rather than strictly intellectual gifts.


  Passage 130

  Some archaeologists speculate that the Americas might have been initially colonized between 40,000 and 25,000 years ago. However, to support this theory it is necessary to explain the absence of generally accepted habitation sites for that time interval in what is now the United States. Australia, which has a smaller land area than the United States, has many such sites, supporting the generally accepted claim that the continent was colonized by humans at least 40,000 years ago.


  Passage 178

  For most of the twentieth century, scholars generally accepted the proposition that nations are enduring entities that predated the rise of modern nation-states and that provided the social and cultural foundations of the state. This perspective has certainly been applied to Korea; most historians have assumed that the Korean nation has existed since the dawn of historical time. In recent years, however, Western scholars have questioned the idea of the nation as an enduring entity. .


  Passage 196

  Matisse's art, with its spectacular immediacy and its mysterious depths, poses confounding problems for analysis. When Hilary Spurling writes of The Piano Lesson that “the picture can not be confined to any single source or meaning,” she might be writing of any of Matisse’s works. Picasso’s themes, with their collage of traditional signs and symbols, are far more susceptible to conventional iconographic analysis than anything in Matisse.



  6-2. The company suffers from an almost totallack of _____: even the most innocuous communications between departments lendto devolve into acrimony.

  A. dissension

  B. variance

  C. comity

  D. conformity

  E. mordancy

  27-1. Though many avant-garde writers _____traditional distinctions among literary categories, combining elements ofbiography and fiction, prose and poetry, this fusion of forms has been slow tocatch on with publishers.

  A. flout

  B. presuppose


  D. imitate

  E. illuminate

  27-10. The concept of the Hellenistic period inancient history has proved useful but also _____, with scholars disagreeing onthe dates when the period began and ended.

  A. slippery

  B. elusive

  C. fruitless

  D. deceptive

  E. futile

  F. compelling

  33-6. With the emergence of scientific history-writing in the late nineteenth century, several authors sought to ignore the glowing myths surrounding George Washington and uncover the human being within, but their biographies were still (i)_____ enough that Washington remained a marbled and remote figure. Indeed, by the 1920s Washington has become such (ii)_____ personage that inevitably someone had to go to the other extreme and try to (iii)_____ the legend.


37-1. Instead of demonstrating the _____ ofarchaeological applications of electronic remote sensing, the pioneering studybecame, to some skeptics, an illustration of the imprudence of interpretingsites based on virtual archaeology.

A. ubiquity

B. limitation

C. promise

D. redundancy

E. complexity

38-2. Without seeming unworldly, William Jamesappeared wholly removed from the _____ of society, the conventionality ofacademy.

A. ethos

B. idealism

C. romance

D. paradoxes

E. commonplaces

47-3. As he has matured as a scholar, Felmar hascome to see the merit of qualification. His conclusions, which early in hiscareer he (i)______, are now often (ii)______.

A. stated  as absolutes

D. hedged

B. refused  to reveal

E.  simplified

C. backed  up extensively

F.  reiterated

48-5. Firebaugh and Beck contend that economicdevelopment improves the overall well-being of people within developingcountries. However, other scholars emphasize the (i)_____ of this view, empiricallydemonstrating that while economic development does in fact contribute to thewell-being of the population of developing countries, the magnitude ofdevelopment’s positive effects on well-being has (ii)_____. In other words,these scholars suggest that (iii)_____ economic development and humanwell-being is taking place in developing countries.

A. falsity

D. been  greatly underestimated

G. a  decoupling of

B.  arbitrariness

E. not yet been measured

H. an  inversion of

C. limitation

F.  decreased over time

I. a  decline in

50-10. The cat known to researchers asM-120—beefy, audacious, and apparently smart enough to spot a free lunch—isperhaps the world’s least _____ lynx: the scientists catch him several times ayear.

A. intelligent

B. evasive

C. fearless

D. furtive

E. elusive

F. intrepid

56-5. To pay for the extra spending under thisinternational poverty plan, each American would have to contribute less thanthe cost of buying a premium cup of coffee once a week. But financial aid isnot (i)_____, and even if the funding recommended here were to (ii)_____, thegrandest objectives may well remain unfulfilled. Nonetheless, carefullytargeted aid can reward responsible governments, (iii)_____ individualinitiative, and alleviate suffering. Many will think that’s worth of a cup ofcoffee.

A. an  impediment

D. be  insufficient

G. obviate

B. a  panacea

E. recede

H. temper

C. a malady

F.  materialize

I.  encourage

56-8. Because chemistry’s position as one of thenatural sciences has long seemed _____, historians have generally treated thefoundation of chemical professorship as an inevitable component of theprogression of universities.

A. manifest

B. impregnable

C. relevant

D. predictable

E. germane

F. self-evident

56-8. For parents, the pleasure of lettingchildren choose which book to read aloud together is not always _____: I wellremembered my inner groans when my child would constantly pick my leastfavorite book from the shelf.

A. intangible

B. enduring


D. unalloyed

E. ephemeral

F. unqualified

67-9. A few decades ago the idea of animal morality would have been met with _____; however, recent research suggests that animals not only act altruistically but also have the capacity for empathy, forgiveness, trust, and reciprocity.
A. derision
B. resentment
C. dismissal

D. conviction
E. ridicule
F. certainty

80-3. As cheaper imports drove most California potteries out of business during the 1950s, one company (i)_____. The substantial size and weight of the specialized products produced by Architectural Pottery helped (ii)_____ the company, because it was uneconomical for foreign companies to ship similarly large objects to California.

A. stagnated

D. transform

B. diversified

E. insulate

C. flourished

F. finance

89-5. His new role gives the normally clownishactor a chance to impress audiences with his (i)_____. He is among the mostuninhibited comic performers around, but here he buttons his lip and staresstraight ahead. Perhaps without quite knowing it, the audience waits for awink, a hint that some of the (ii)_____ spirit that animated his previousmovies might be lurking inside the (iii)_____ manner he presents in this film.

A. raillery

D. madcap

G.  facetious

B.  effusiveness

E.  lugubrious

H. reserved

C. forbearance

F. edifying

I.  beguiling

89-6. Some climatologists dismiss as (i)_____the debate among geophysicists over the role of carbon dioxide in globalclimate change across many millions of years. These climatologists say theevidence of a tie between carbon dioxide and planetary warming over the lastfew centuries is so (ii)_____ that any longer-term evidence against such a linkmust somehow be (iii)______.

A.  unavoidable

D. unlikely

G. tainted

B.  irrelevant

E.  controversial

H.  accommodated

C.  undecidable

F.  compelling

I.  reinforced

94-9. The sailors realized too late that windshad shifted the ice in such a way as to obstruct the ship’s path; this processhad been so _____ that it was completed by the time they discovered the effect.

A. gradual

B. negligible


D. time-consuming

E. inconsequential

F. imperceptible

96-10. It is true that science, and moreparticularly scientists, _____ cherished paradigms with great reluctance andthat when they do, scientific revolutions may result.

A. unify

B. share


D. embrace

E. dismantle

F. relinquish


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Argument  132



















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